Wednesday, January 30, 2019

15 Minute Pantry Tomato Soup

It's cold. Really cold. That means soup. Even though we both really like tomato soup, we've only tried making it once. That time, SP insisted on adding pork bones/pigs feet to the soup while it simmered. The soup tasted like porky tomato soup, which was good, a little too porky for my liking, but it wasn't what I had wanted. I wanted tomato and only tomato flavor.

We have a lot of tomato soup recipes. One day I found all the tomato soup recipes and put them all on the kitchen table to compare/contrast. It's not tomato season, so none with fresh tomatoes. I didn't want anything too difficult or time consuming. And no competing flavor like pork or red pepper. We narrowed it down to 15-Minute Pantry Tomato Soup from The Food Lab cookbook BUT we added 3 oz diced pancetta, which was in our second choice recipe.

This soup was exactly what I wanted. Quick & easy to make. Not a lot of special purchase ingredients, not even vegetables like carrots and celery. Lots of tomato flavor and even though we added some pancetta, I couldn't really taste it. Also, it was pureed smooth, it wasn't chunky, which I like. We left the red pepper flakes out since I don't like heat/spicy but SP sprinkled a few into his bowls of soup.

We did not eat our tomato soup with grilled cheese. I love grilled cheese. It's an excellent companion to tomato soup, especially when dipped into the soup, but we decided on macaroni & cheese. Forkfuls of macaroni & cheese dipped into tomato soup are delicious.
This is definitely a make again soup.

Recipe here.

We used milk, not heavy cream.
We used vodka, not whiskey or brandy or none.
We cut down on the onion a bit.
We omitted the red pepper flakes.
We had some fresh basil from our indoor aerogarden.
We served the soup with macaroni & cheese, not grilled cheese.
If you don't have an immersion blender, use a regular blender or a food processor.

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