Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Last Saturday we dined at fl.2 with S & R. We all had just seen Hamilton for the first time (so good) and were ready to talk about it over drinks and food. It was our first time at fl.2 though we had dined in the same space when it was Habitat. S & R had dined at fl.2 before.
We were seated in the back dining area, near the open kitchen, and next to a window so we were able to watch the food preparation and the snow swirling and coating the city white.
 Our drinks:
For SP, Calm Before the Storm (Famous Grouse, Laphroaig, Vermouth, Yerba Mate). For me, chardonnay. We both liked what we ordered.
S & R had raved about the Chickpea Fricassée (tomato confit, garlic aioli, ciabatta), so that's what they ordered to start. I didn't try any (garlic).
SP & I started with Chicken Hand Pies (parmesan, apple, mushroom). These were yummy. Crisp shell, lots of parmesan sprinkle, yummy filling.
S & R shared a green salad while we shared Roasted Cauliflower (labneh, citrus, quinoa, almond). The tower of cauliflower is blurry in the photo, and I quickly crumbled the tower when I served myself. This was delicious.
For his main meal, SP ordered Octopus (lentils, ham piperade, coriander). 
I took a couple photos, trying to get the octopus swirl to show up atop the dark lentils on a dark colored plate in the dim lighting. He said it was delicious.
Ever the veggie lover, he also ordered  aside of Ratatouille (eggplant, pine nuts, pancetta, cave-aged cheddar). It was delicious. I only ate a bit since I assume all ratatouille has garlic (though I didn't smell/taste it). We took most of it home for Sunday lunch.
I opted for Flatbread (fromage blanc, caramelized onion, smoked lardons). It was delicious and a little messy. I cannot eat anything with syrup because I end up a sticky mess. In this case, the balsamic drizzle.
Three of us ordered a coffee drink, one chose an after dinner drink, and we shared desserts. For me & S, Chocolate Torte (milk chocolate ganache, dark chocolate mousse, luxardo cherries). It was delicious and chocolaty and smooth and yum!
SP & R shared Carrot Cake (pineapple gel, candied walnuts, cream cheese). They said it was delicious. Carrot cake is not my idea of dessert. Yes, it's cake, but it also has carrots, a vegetable. And this one included some pineapple,which I do not much like.

The restaurant filled up while we were there, but it never got too loud, which was nice. Our food was yummy, Service was great. I thought the meal was nicely paced. Our server did check with us to see if we were headed to a show so I imagine that if you are headed to one, they can pick up the pace of your meal. We'll be back.

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