Monday, January 7, 2019

The Yard (Robinson)

The Yard is a local chain restaurant specializing in grilled cheese, burgers, and craft beer. The first location was in Shadyside and the second in Market Square, neither of which is wheelchair accessible. The third location is in the Galleria in Mt. Lebanon and while accessible, we were underwhelmed. A fourth location recently opened in Robinson (well, North Fayette) near the Target, Pool City, and Stout Pub. We decided to give it a another try. This time, we liked it enough that the following weekend, we suggested it to extended family in town for dinner. 
Our first visit was on a Saturday around 3 pm. We were having one of those days where we couldn't figure out what order in which to do everything we had to do, what did we want to eat, etc. So we opted for a late lunch/early dinner. We were seated right away. The beer/cider menu is huge. SP pored over it, and after consulting with our server, he chose a Rhinegeist Bubbles Cider (rose ale, brewed with apples, peaches, cranberries). He really enjoyed the cider. I stuck with fresh brewed iced tea.
We shared a House Salad because SP is all about making sure he eats veggies. It was a good salad, I just don't get excited about salad the way he does.
For his meal, he chose Brun-Cho’s Bro (Tater Tots / Scrambled Eggs / Bacon / Jalapeños / Beer Cheese / Stout Gravy / Shredded Cheddar / Pico De Gallo). It's on the weekend brunch menu. He really liked it. I liked his tater tots.
I chose Grilled Cheese. Specifically, Fried Green Tomatoes Grilled Cheese (Cheddar / American / Fried Green Tomatoes / Applewood Smoked Bacon / Chipotle Ranch / Arcadian Greens). I substituted mac & cheese for chips.
This time, I thought the grilled cheese was cheesy. When we tried the third location a couple years ago, I didn't think the grilled cheese was very cheesy. This time, I could taste cheese. It was really tasty, especially dunked in the tomato soup. I ended up taking the mac & cheese home for lunch the next day.

Our second visit was a week later with my parents and GA family. They had lemonade for nephew, wine for mom, beer/cider for everyone else. Niece wanted a beer but she's not quite 21 so she had soda. She sure does know all about the different beers, though!

This time I tried this grilled cheese:
Los Pollos Hermanos. I don't see it online, but I remember the name. There was a breaded chicken breast, Swiss, white cheese sauce, bacon, tomato, and a honey mustard sauce.
It was messy and I managed to get cheese sauce and sticky honey sauce all over myself. But it was really good. The mac & cheese was different than the week before. It was spicy on this visit - ? Not my favorite, but I ate it.
Nephew, who was done with wrestling and no longer had to worry about making weight, chose The Walking Ched (Signature Burger Blend / Cheddar / Mac 'n' Cheese / Topped with a Mac Attack Ball). Yes. Mac & cheese on a burger, on a bun, topped with a fried mac & cheese ball with fries on the side. Yikes! He loved it. Ate it all. I mean all. Every last fry. Gosh do I miss the stomach I had when I was 14, when I could eat that much of that kind of food and not leave feeling like I might puke or have a heart attack while moaning from being way too full.
SP chose My Diet Starts Monday (Provolone / Homemade White Cheese Sauce / Waffle Battered / Bacon / Pickle / Hot Sauce / Maple Syrup) and substituted cole slaw for his side. My dad had wings and fries. Everyone else had a grilled cheese. I'm not sure my dad really, really enjoyed his wings, but I think everyone else enjoyed their sandwiches and beers.
I like that this location is easily wheelchair accessible with lots of free, easy parking. It's spacious inside, tables aren't jammed close together. It can get a bit loud. We like that it seems cheesier than we remember. The beer/cider list is great. Both times our servers were terrific, friendly & knowledgeable. The first time, our server helped SP chose a cider. The second time, our server did a nice job with our group of 8. We haven't been seated near the front door, so I can't comment/respond to some who say it's too cold in that area, but I imagine it is because anytime in winter you're near a door it's chilly. We were chilly at Burgatory 2 weeks ago because of a draft from the door and where our table was. It's just winter in Pittsburgh. I also like that you can make a reservation for a large group.

We'll be back.

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