Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

I am fortunate that I have not had to leave the house during the recent polar vortex. Brrrr. Five degrees with a wind chill of -20?!! No thank you! At least we don't live in Chicago where Wednesday's high was something like -10 with a wind chill of -31.

Big news: our deck is repaired! Well, almost repaired. The railing and other broken/missing pieces are fixed. We'll have to wait quite some time before we can have the new parts stained to hopefully match the rest of the deck. At least there is a railing now.

Last Saturday was busy. We went to Bethel Bakery for paczki before meeting friends at Panera for breakfast/brunch. After that we both had hair appointments. Staying gray-free is becoming a bit high maintenance and I'm considering just letting it go. Based on the roots I see after 4-5 weeks, it looks like I'm 80%+ gray, well, it looks more white. Every time I mention letting it go, the hair salon ladies get looks of horror and talk me down. Then I add up how much I spend on coloring my hair every 5 weeks and how much time the whole process takes (1-1.5 hours) and start to feel guilty and wonder why I just can't accept my fate. After making my hair all brown again, SP dropped me off while he did the grocery shopping and then we went out for more errands. We ended up at The Yard in Robinson for dinner. I ordered Los Pollos Hermanos again and it was just as messy as last time but so good. This time, I substituted hash browns.

Then we went home, put on our pj's, started laundry, watched The Punisher, and ate paczki.

What We're Eating:

  • Denver Omelet Hash
  • Graupensuppe (German Barley, Potato, Bratwurst soup)
  • Pasta with Spinach and Cream Sauce
  • Dessert: Bethel Bakery paczki, Better Maid donuts, whatever we find in the house

What We're Watching:

  • We started I Am the Night with Chris Pine on TNT. So far, it's fine. Not super engrossing, but interesting enough that we'll stick with it. I think it's only 6 episodes.
  • We watch Manifest on Monday nights. Until recently, we really enjoyed it, but lately, I feel like they're losing their way a bit.
  • I'm also bored with Supergirl.
  • I'm not bored with Victoria on PBS, but I do wonder at the direction they've taken some of the characters/relationships.
  • We're still working our way through The Punisher Season 2. Three episodes to go. The last episode was kind of boring.

What I'm Reading:

  • MIL dropped off a stack of magazines. So the pile is very tall..
  • Liars' Paradox from Taylor Stevens. I was sad to not have her new book be another Vanessa Michael Munroe novel, but once I started this new Jack and Jill series, I couldn't put it down. I'm looking forward to a second novel featuring these new characters.

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