Monday, February 4, 2019

Denver Omelet Hash

We enjoy watching Worst Cooks in America on Food Network. This season, it's once again Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence as the chefs. I love how easy they make it look in the demo part of the show and then I love watching the craziness in the kitchen when the worst cooks try to replicate the dish! There are fires, cut fingers, burnt food, undercooked food, messy plates, strange flavor combinations - but the contestants do get better with each episode. A couple weeks ago, Tyler taught Blue Team to make Denver Omelet Hash. Despite the word omelet, it's not really an egg dish, just 2 egg whites mixed into the shredded potatoes. We decided to try it for dinner because it was something new, it looked quick & easy, and a giant potato pancake looked fun.
I diced the red and green peppers and ham. I hope my knife cuts are a good, consistent size. I'm pretty sure Anne would have red sharpied my thumb/fingers while I chopped!
While I chopped, SP whipped egg whites and shredded potatoes. We didn't "cheat" with the food processor. He used the box grater for the potatoes. Nor did we use the stand mixer and the whisk attachment for the egg whites. We used our electric hand mixer.
Then it was time to cook the giant potato pancake.
And to saute the ham cubes.
Golden brown potato pancake, successfully flipped.
Peppers added to ham and sauteed until soft/beginning to brown.
To serve, cut a wedge of the pancake.
Top it with the peppers and ham.
If you're me, dollop on sour cream and let it melt a bit then smear it around. If you're SP, no sour cream.

Tyler is the real chef and he calls the potato mixture a hash brown. I like calling it a huge potato pancake. Whatever you call it, it was delicious. We wanted 2 meals from this, so it was a lighter dinner for us since we ate a quarter of the pancake each for dinner. It could be 1 meal (2 servings) if you have a bigger appetite at dinner. I was still a little hungry, but we had paczki for dessert, so not a big deal because I ended up stuffed after enjoying my evening tea and a donut. We'd definitely make this again.

Recipe here.

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