Monday, March 25, 2019


We made a second trip to LeoGreta in Carnegie at the beginning of the month. Once again, we went for lunch. And once again, it was delicious. We both ordered fresh brewed iced tea and SP got a glass of wine (he must have know a difficult hospital weekend was an hour away from starting!).
Frisée & Lardon (crisp bacon, creamy herb dressing, fried egg). I still love the creamy dressing & frisee is growing on me. 
SP ordered the Combo to go with his salad. It had a house meatball, slow cooked pork, and house sausage. He said it was delicious and he ate all of it.
I had the yummy gnocchi again. This time, I also ordered a meatball:
It's a good sized meatball and it is delicious. So smooth and not at all dried out or tough.
Inside the meatball.

Delicious food and great service, just like on our first meal there in December. We'll be back, and maybe even remember to make reservations for dinner sometime.

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