Monday, March 4, 2019

Meat & Potatoes

I haven't written much lately. I was busy with other things. This past weekend was not good. I'm not ready to write about it, so I thought I'd post some food photos from our last couple dinners at Meat & Potatoes. It's one of our favorite restaurants but we only go when we're already in the city, usually after seeing a show. Our most recent dinner was with my parents after we saw Phantom of the Opera. We also were there over the summer. Above is a Dark & Stormy Cocktail, which we first had one one of our earliest visits after they opened. This more recent version seems different, not as gingery, but it was still good.
Above, from last summer, I forget what the drink on the left is but on the right is Sgt Pepper's Old Fashioned. That's been my favorite for quite some time but on our most recent visit, it wasn't quite as good. I didn't enjoy it as much.
We always order Fried Brussels (not pictured) and Fried Pickles. I love their fried pickles.
A tomato salad special from last summer.
There's always a Mac & Cheese appetizer, but the flavor changes. On our most recent visit, it was with brisket, smoked gouda, & fried onion breadcrumbs. Yum!
My dad loves wings so he & SP shared these Smoked Wings with whiskey buffalo sauce. They both really liked them though my dad thought they were a bit too hot for him. He kept eating them anyway and took home the leftovers! 
SP often has the Salmon (black rice, kim chi, cucumber, chinese sausage, korean hot sauce, fried egg, ginger scallion relish).
Last summer he switched it up and had this lamb shank with, I think, lentils.
My mom had a special : Meatloaf with smashed potatoes, onion rings, broccoli rabe, sauce diane. It was huge and delicious.
My dad enjoyed Smoked Short Rib (polenta, baby carrots, confit pearl onion, pickled orange zest)
I also enjoyed a special: Pork Schnitzel with ricotta gnocchi, mushrooms, bacon, Brussels sprouts. Really good and a nice change from my new usual:
Pappardelle (bolognese sauce, pancetta, pork shoulder, garlic bread). It's delicious. It's my new usual since they took the Three Little Pigs sandwich off the menu. I'm still pretty bummed about that.
Desserts change. Last time, SP & my mom shared Carrot Cake with pistachio ice cream, which they really liked.
Dad & I hoovered up the Chocolate Pot de Creme. There were little bits of chocolaty rice krispie treat on top. 
Last summer we had, I think, a French Toast Brulee dessert, which was good.

I always take photos of what we eat when we're out, but I don't always share them on the blog/Instagram. So since my blog content has been lacking and I'm not doing well, I figured I'd post all the recent food photos from Meat & Potatoes. Enjoy and definitely get there for some yummy food.

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