Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend we saw Captain Marvel. It was a good, but not great, movie. For some reason, I don't really like Brie Larson. Obviously I don't know her, she could be a super duper awesome person. But something from her previous roles/news coverage makes me not like her. I was sad when I heard she was going to be Captain Marvel, but I enjoyed her performance and didn't have any "ugh Brie Larson" thoughts. I'm looking forward to the final Avengers movie in April.

Saturday dinner out was at Downey's House. As usual we shared fried zucchini and this time I had a chicken cordon blue sandwich with tomato & honey mustard sauce.

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We started watching Umbrella Academy on Netflix. So far, we're enjoying it. We're only 4 episodes into it.
  • We watched The Passage finale. I'm happy about the time jump at the end.
  • I watched Collateral on Netflix. I really liked it, how the characters were all related/intertwined into the main crime.
  • I watched the movie Widows. Viola Davis is always amazing. The cast is amazing. 
  • Speaking of Viola Davis, I finally got to watch the season finale of HTGAWM. Good grief all the plots twists and turns and people being wrong then right then wrong and more death and kidnappings/disappearances!

What I'm Reading:

  • I finished Cemetery Road from Greg Iles. Excellent book. It's the kind of book I most enjoy reading. I hope that maybe there will be another book or two with these characters like there were six books with Penn Cage. 
  • I've been extra tired lately and not reading magazines. So the pile is growing. New issues of Saveur and Cook's Country arrived last week but I haven't opened them yet. They're sitting on top the 3 Simthsonian Magazines I have yet to read.

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