Wednesday, May 29, 2019

De Koperen Ketel

De Koperen Ketel was our second visit to a restaurant serving Dutch cuisine when we were in Amsterdam. We went in the middle of the week and called first to make sure they could seat us.
Once again, people were very friendly and helpful. Inside was cozy and comfortable. It was like The Pantry with blue & white pottery and paintings on the walls, but it was more spacious inside.
Beverages: Ginever for SP, white wine for me.
This was SP's first time trying ginever (jenever). Ginever is a juniper flavored national/traditional liquor of the Netherlands and Belgium and I think what we consider gin evolved from ginever.
SP chose Berry Ginever. He liked it, saying it had a light berry flavor. 

Here's what we ate:
SP started with Smoked Eel on Toast.
I started with Goat Cheese Croquette. I loved all the goat cheese croquette in Amsterdam.
We both decided to try stamppot, a traditional Dutch dish made from a combination of potatoes mashed with one or several vegetables and served with sausage/bacon/meatball. Specifically, SP chose Zuurkool (mashed potatoes with sauerkraut) and he chose sausage.
I chose Hutspot (mashed potato with carrots and onions) with bacon. They were huge mounds of potatoes but were so tasty. The meat was good, too, but it was the mashed potato-carrot-onion mound to which I kept dipping my fork.
We didn't finish our potato mounds because we wanted dessert: Poffertjes small pancakes with powdered sugar and butter
Huge mound of butter in the middle! These were yummy. Poffertjes quickly became a favorite of mine.

We really liked De Koperen Ketel (The Copper Kettle). The stamppot was delicious and filling. Our server was very nice and chatted with us. I recall a 1-2 very small steps/threshhold bumps to get into the restaurant; there also were a few outdoor tables but it was a pretty damp and chilly evening. Plus, I liked the cozy, dim, inviting interior. We'd definitely go back.

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