Friday, May 10, 2019

De Laatste Kruimel (The Last Crumb)

After dropping our luggage at the hotel, we set off to explore and most importantly, find some food. Fortunately, before we left, we had found a few places near the hotel for a breakfast-lunch meal. The first place we went: De Laatste Kruimel (translation: The Last Crumb). Baked goods. And tea. Yum!
Also sandwiches, quiche, coffee, salads. Plus, menus in English. And as it turns out, English speaking staff.

Wheelchair accessibility can be an issue in Amsterdam. Since buildings paid tax based on the width of canal space they took up, houses are skinny and tall. So lots of stairs. For the most part we managed OK, getting lucky/super helpful people a few times. There is a 1-2 inch outdoor curb to get up before entering the door to the ordering area at De Laatste Kruimel. Then there are 3 steps up to the main seating area. There are a few tables in the entrance/ordering area. I think they were occupied, or too high, when we got there. But there was a tiny, round blue table that you can see below:
That's where we sat! Not exactly a "real" table, but it was somewhere to set a drink and food instead of holding it or balancing it on your lap. We asked first and they said yes, please, and someone came over to make sure we got situated OK. Also, look at the cute seat:
Seating is so tight and limited that there is a seat fashioned to fit the stairs and the table is at the top of the stairs. 
SP ordered while I gawked at the interior like a dorky tourist and then I noticed all these cute teacups right next to me. I tried to touch one but it turns out they are attached to the shelves, probably to stop weirdos like me from fondling and breaking the teacups.
I had Earl Grey tea and SP chose Ginger tea:
Chunks of ginger & wedges of lemon in hot water with honey on the side. He loved his tea so much that we now have fresh ginger nearly all the time in our refrigerator so he can have hot ginger-lemon water at home.
SP's sandwich was Mackerel, greens, lemon mayo on spelt bread.
My sandwich was Tallegio, tomato-rosemary jam, greens, walnuts on seedy multigrain bread.

The sandwiches were yummy. They were just big enough for us. We had flown overnight and snacked our way through the flight, picking at our in-flight meals. It was probably around noon when we ate these sandwiches. We were too full to try a sweet treat but this place did become our go-to for breakfast. SP went every morning to buy croissant, quiche, and tea and brought it back to the hotel for breakfast. So yes, we really liked this little place.

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