Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Pantry

We didn't have a bad meal in Amsterdam but I think my favorite might have been the one we ate at The Pantry. Maybe because it was our first Dutch food restaurant, maybe because I loved the narrow, cozy, dimly lit interior with wood tables and blue & white plates on the walls, maybe because service was terrific.
We made reservations for Sunday at 6 pm. You might be able to walk in and get a table but I doubt it. Making a reservation is highly suggested. A lot of people were turned away while we were there. The restaurant is in the Leidseplein area. We walked there from the Van Gogh Museum.
SP had beer, I had white wine, and we ordered tap water but received bottled (I think the server misunderstood us, or maybe they don't serve tap water, but no big deal).

Here's what we ate:
Dutch shrimp croquettes (with a home made cocktail sauce). Turns out I'm not a big fan of shrimp croquette. SP loved them.
I am a huge fan of Dutch goat cheese croquettes (with small salad with honey mustard dressing). So good.
SP ordered Fillet of Sea bass steamed with fresh green herbs (with mashed potatoes and vegetables). He enjoyed it, even eating all the potato, which is unusual for him.
I chose Typical Dutch Ham (450 grams, warm with a honey mustard sauce, fries and salad). This was not what I expected! I expected a slab, like ham steak. The ham easily pulled away from the bone and was delicious. Even more delicious with the amazing mustard sauce. I couldn't get enough of the mustard sauce! I needed some help to finish the ham, I ate all the salad, but the fries were untouched.
Our server was impressed with how much ham I ate!
We ordered hot tea with dessert:
Poffertjes (mini pancakes served with butter and powdered sugar). These mini pancakes are so good! These were our first poffertjes in Amsterdam but were not our last.

We highly recommend The Pantry. Just be sure to make a reservation. Super friendly & helpful service, delicious food, great atmosphere.

*There is a small step to get inside. The doorway was large enough for my wheelchair (24") with space to spare (I think the doorway width is about 2.6 feet) but a really wide one would likely not fit. Make sure to let them know if you are in a  wheelchair so they can reserve a table close to the door. Otherwise, it would be difficult to maneuver to a table and in/out since it's a narrow building and a narrow path from front to back. Restrooms are not on the main level.

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