Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

We saw Avengers Endgame last weekend. It was good. Not going to say much else in case someone reading this hasn't yet seen it.

Yesterday we had dentist appointments. Every time I go, I cringe from the scraping. They tell me my teeth are in great shape but because of tea I have stains that need to be scraped off. Then they suggest drinking my hot tea through a straw. ? Sipping tiny sips of hot tea through a straw doesn't seem very comforting and satisfying the way a cup of tea is supposed to comfort and satisfy.

What We're Eating:
What We're Watching:
  • The big battle on Game of Thrones! I know. I hear the criticisms. Some I even agree with. But to me the show is more about the throne and who sits on it, all the political intrigue, the scheming and double crossing and such. But still, the big battle, seeing the dragons fight, and seeing X kill the Night King! When X lunged at him we started to cheer. Then NK turned around and caught X by the throat and it looked like X was going to join the undead and we both screamed,"NOOOOOOOO!" I might have started to whimper. But then, X killed him. By now everyone probably knows who killed the NK in GoT, but I'm not going to potentially ruin it. I don't think saying they defeated the NK is a spoiler because really, we all knew the battle was going to happen in this episode and were they going to fight him for 4 episodes? Nope. The last 3 episodes are to see who gets to sit on throne, who else gets killed, who gets double crossed, where our beloved characters end up.
  • Killing Eve. Holy crap Villanelle in Amsterdam!
  • We finished Season 5 of Bosch and enjoyed it as much as the others.
What I'm Reading:
What else? Magazines. Yay. New issues arrived. I think 3 new came and I read 2. I will never get through this pile.

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