Monday, June 10, 2019

Brasserie Meuwese

There was one day in Amsterdam that was miserably rainy, windy, and cold. Of course it was especially miserably rainy, windy, and cold the evening we had no dinner reservations, no idea where to go, and just set off for dinner. The first place we had picked out from our research notes turned out to not be accessible. So on we went, slogging through more puddles. We decided to try Brasserie Meuwese, which was not too far from the hotel and which we had walked past many times. When we had walked past, it always looked accessible, which is why we decided to head there, but as it turned out, it's not accessible. There is a huge step to get inside. HUGE.

At that point, we were soaked in spite of wearing rain gear. We took a seat at an outdoor table under the awning just to get out of the torrential downpour and decided we'd just eat outside. There were some outdoor heaters but sadly, it seemed to get colder by the minute. My hands were eventually so cold I couldn't grip my teacup. I cropped SP out of the photo above (you're welcome, SP) - in the photo his hair is dripping wet. You can't tell just how hard it was raining in the photo, but it was awful.

And then the nice Brasserie Meuwese man came to our rescue. Once he realized we wanted to eat and not simply sip tea, he offered to help us get the wheelchair inside. So with SP lifting from the rear and the server lifting from the front, we ascended the huge step into a dry, warm, not windy dining area. I felt bad dripping all over everything but they were so nice and so helpful.

Here's what we ate:
SP had Zucchini Soup. He really liked it. I has a small spoonful and liked it. Soup was a good choice after being out in the crap weather.
I chose California Salad (chicken, bacon, avocado, croutons, pine nuts). Sure, I was more interested in the pancakes, the sandwiches, the pastas, the omelets, but we both felt like we hadn't been eating enough vegetables so the salads here caught our eye. It was a really, really good salad. I think this was a small portion and it was still huge.
SP chose Geitenkaas Salad (goat cheese, mushrooms, grapes, walnuts, croutons, bacon, honey mustard dressing). This, too, was a yummy salad.

We really liked Brasserie Meuwese. The servers went above & beyond to help get us inside out of the terrible weather and to make space for us on the first floor main level. They also helped SP get me safely back down the step when we were ready to leave (and by then the rain had stopped, the wind had died down, and it wasn't as cold). The soup and salads were really good. The teas were yummy, too. We each had 2-3 cups of teas to warm up! We liked it so much we tried to go back for dinner on out last day of vacation, but the outdoor tables were all taken so we had to go elsewhere.

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