Wednesday, June 5, 2019

De Vier Pilaren

We've been back from Amsterdam for 2 months and I haven't yet blogged about all the places we ate. So the next week or so will be a flood of Amsterdam posts. This one is about our lunch at De Vier Pilaren. It's a pancake place - a delicious, wonderful pancake place that happens to be along a canal and very near Blue Boat Canal Tours.
Our canal boat tour ended right around lunch time so we were hungry. We had warmed up thanks to the sun shining into the glass topped boat but it was still pretty breezy and chilly out. I wanted to sit along the canal, but owing to the weather, we decided inside would be better. We weren't quite sure where to go/what to do when we entered, but a lovely, welcoming, mothering type lady quickly ushered us to a booth. I'm not a fan of booths, I have to sit on the end and have people trip over me, but for pancakes, I was willing to endure the jostling. So, yes, it's wheelchair accessible, and there are booths and tables, and it gets very crowded so you might have a bit of a wait. SP ordered some mint tea - he loved the mint tea in Amsterdam. A huge chunk of fresh mint plopped into boiling water. It smells wonderful.
What I really wanted was a sweet pancake or to try poffertjes, but since it was lunch, I opted for the Savory Ham & Cheese Pancake (pannenkoeken/crepe), below, while SP opted for the Savory Cheese & Vegetables Pancake, above.
They were huge, delicious, and we cleaned our plates.

The people working there are terrific. The pancakes are yummy. It's charming space, and there are tables outside along the canal. It can get crowded and there can be a wait, but it's worth it. After we ate, we walked to Vondelpark to walk off our pancakes and then later we walked to the Van Gogh Museum, so it's in a great location. Worth a stop.

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