Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Haesje Claes

Our third, and final, meal at a restaurant serving Dutch cuisine in Amsterdam was at Haesje Claes. We called ahead of time to verify accessibility (yes, right off street into a lower level of the restaurant) and to make a reservation (highly recommended). It seemed to be a very popular restaurant and was very busy when we were there.
According to my research notes,"Haesje Claes is a typical and authentic Amsterdam restaurant. It's situated between the Spui Plein and Dam Square, across from Amsterdam Museum." It's a big restaurant, multiple floors, and spread out over something like six buildings. Like The Pantry and De Koperen Ketel, there was lots of dark wood, dim lighting, framed pictures, and blue & white bric-a-brac, creating a cozy, bustling atmosphere. It wasn't super spacious, but neither was it super crowded/cramped.
Beverages: Old Jenever (matured in oak casks for 6 months) for SP and a white wine for me. And, of course, water.
I loved the brown bread in Amsterdam. I could have eaten all the bread at Haesje Claes but then I wouldn't have had room for other food.
SP started with Dutch Pea Soup with sausage & bacon. It looked like the split pea soup he makes. He said it was delicious.
 I chose a 3 course meal. For my starter, I chose Salad with smoked ham & cheese:
After soup and salad, SP ordered a Texels Skuumkoppe draft:
SP chose Pan Fried Dorado with white wine sauce, mashed potato, veggies:
For my second course/entree, I wanted the Chicken Breast with port sauce but they told me the port sauce had a lot of garlic, so they gave me a mustardy/peppery gravy that was super yummy. The chicken came with mashed potato & some veggies:
The gravy I could have eaten with a spoon:
Dessert time. For SP, Raisins in brandy, egg liqueur, cinnamon ice cream:
I don't like raisins, not even in brandy, but the cinnamon ice cream was so good that I ended up eating most of it. He helped me with my dessert, Apple Pie Haesje Claes with cinnamon sauce:
We enjoyed our meal at Haesje Claes. Service was friendly. It was a leisurely meal. We'd go back & we recommend it if you're in Amsterdam. Be sure to make a reservation.

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