Friday, June 14, 2019

Het Groene Paleis

We walked by Het Groene Paleis a lot when we were in Amsterdam and we ate there twice. They had a pretty large number of outdoor tables with large umbrellas and heat and the table area was spacious, which was good for the wheelchair.  Here's what we enjoyed:
Rosé and sauvignon blanc.
Gin & Tonic and sauvignon blanc.
Miso Cured Salmon with grilled asparagus and lime.
Roasted Spring Chicken (whole chicken with lemon mayonnaise and seasonal bonne femme). Oh my gosh this chicken was so darn tasty. It looks so plain but had so much flavor. I couldn't stop eating it. The fries, too, were so good, especially with the lemon mayonnaise.
Arugula Salad with cheese and smoked salmon. SP said it was simple & tasty.
Homemade tomato soup (v) with crème fraîche and chives. I know I always tease SP about his soup (he almost always orders soup, even on 90+ degree days) but it was chilly and the soup was good. I might have helped him out more than he would have liked!
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with bacon, avocado with basil mayonnaise. Really good sandwich.
Tasty brown bread, lots of avocado, bacon - yum!
And as always, tea to warm up on the chilly evenings.
Earl Grey for me. I like that when we've been in Europe and ordered hot tea, it comes with a little treat. I wish places in the USA would do that!
SP's new tea love: Hot Fresh Mint Tea. We have 2 pots of mint this year so that he can have fresh mint tea.
His other new love: Fresh Ginger Tea. We now almost always have fresh ginger in our refrigerator so he can enjoy this at home.
Dessert: Dutch Apple Pie.
Look at all those layers of apples!
I was able to sample Dutch Apple Pie 2-3 times while in Amsterdam. We tried to stop by Winkel 43 which is famous for their apple pie but the line was way too long. This was my favorite of the ones I tried. I love the crust, it's more of a shortbread cookie like crust than flaky pastry pie crust. Yum! I'm hoping to find a recipe and try making Dutch Apple Pie at home.

So we really liked Het Groene Paleis. Both times we were able to walk up and be seated right away without reservations. The servers were very friendly and helpful. Nice, spacious outdoor area. We weren't inside but I have the impression it's pretty large. Their website says they have several private rooms for large groups. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. We'd go back and we recommend it to fellow travelers for a solid meal with good service.

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