Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Lemon & Pea Alfredo

It's no secret I love pasta dinners. Every time we need a quick dinner, pasta springs to mind. SP rolls his eyes because he does not love pasta as much as I do. But last month, he agreed to give this Lemon & Pea Alfredo a try for dinner.
It's tasty, pretty quick, and easy, plus we got 3 dinners from it, so that means it's a "make again" dinner for us. Sadly, we had a little peppercorn issue. We wanted to fish out the pink ones from our multi-colored pepper grinder but it got knocked off the counter, left a new dent in the wood floor, and shattered, sending peppercorns everywhere. Everywhere. So the pepper grinder is history. Fortunately, we managed to salvage enough pink peppercorns for this dish. Pink ones probably aren't necessary, but they do have a slightly different flavor than black ones. Since we no longer have pink ones, we'll probably just use regular black peppercorns next time.
I like that the sauce was creamy but not like a heavy, cloying, artery clogging creamy. It was light, and bright from the lemon flavor. We had arugula salad on the side, with just lemon juice squeezed over the arugula.

Recipe here.

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