Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend we went to Poulet Bleu for dinner. We shared everything we ordered and left feeling very happy and full. Here's what we ate:

  • As always, French Onion Soup, still darn delicious.
  • We tried the Marbled Potatoes (raclette, mornay, lemon) and they were yummy.
  • We also tried Scallops St. Jacques (vermouth, cream, pancetta, esplette) and they were delicious. We used the slices of bread to sop up all the sauce.
  • Beef Bourguignon beef cheek, bacon, English peas, pearl onions, mushrooms, aligot potatoes).
  • Bistro Salad (Bibb lettuce, radish, red onion, herbs, red wine vinaigrette). 
  • Grand Marnier Souffle with vanilla ice cream, creme anglaise, cherries.
  • I always enjoy my wine there since they seem to offer at least one white from the Loire region and I like those whites a lot. This time, I had chenin blanc. SP had a rose.
  • SP tried Lucid Absinthe after dinner. He said it was OK. He's glad he tried an absinthe but he probably won't order one again.

We still like Poulet Bleu a lot. I'd like to sit outside sometime. The patio area looks so inviting!

What We're Eating:

  • Grilled Lamb Chops with Grilled Zucchini & red pepper sauce
  • Lemon & Pea Alfredo with grilled asparagus
  • Dessert: Coffee Ice Cream

What We're Watching:

  • We finished Chernobyl. It was so good. And sad. It makes you grateful for what you have, for where you live.
  • We also finished Good Omens on Amazon Prime. It was a blast! I might even read the book now. 
  • Luther Season 5 started on Sunday on BBC. The first episode was typical Luther. The Luther & the folding chair scene was great and I'm happy about the character revealed to be the person pounding on his door at the end of the episode 1. Looking forward to the next 3 episodes.
  • We finally watched Bird Box on Netflix. I know, like 6 months after everyone else was watching it and talking about it. What can I say, we're old & behind the times!

What I'm Reading:

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