Friday, July 12, 2019

Alta Via

I've been wanting to try the new Big Burrito Restaurant, Alta Via, ever since it opened. I got my wish last Friday when we went to dinner with my parents. It's much easier to find than I expected. We got off Route 28 at exit 8 and it was right in front of us. We had 5 pm reservations and were seated right away. There were some tempting cocktails, but in the end we all ordered wine:

  • SP enjoyed the house white wine (Chardonnay-Fruiliano, Palladio · Veneto). 
  • Mom had Pinot Grigio Montefresco, 2017 - Veneto. 
  • Dad & I tried a rosato - Sangiovese Fattoria di Bascia, 2017 - Tuscany. I really liked the wine.

Focaccia with olive oil, butter, rosemary salt. As we discovered, a little of the salt goes a long way. A couple people may have over done the salting! But the focaccia? So good.

We shared three appetizers and all were excellent:
Fried Calamari (crispy Meyer lemons, parsley aioli, gremolata).
Broccoli Salad (black currants, Honeycrisp apple, roasted garlic vinaigrette, Pecorino Romano, pine nuts). We got the dressing on the side because of my garlic sensitivity. I liked this salad much more than I expected. 
Heirloom Tomato Salad (basil, crispy bread, white balsamic vinaigrette, stracciatella).

The meals:
Mom chose a large portion of Mafaldine with mushroom Bolognese, fresh ricotta. She liked it. We got to have her leftovers. SP really like it. I thought it was OK, but that's because while I like mushrooms, they can sometimes make a dish too earthy for me, and this was a little too mushroomy for me.
SP ordered two small pasta portions. One was Radiatori with braised Elysian Fields lamb, mint, Calabrian chilis, Pecorino Toscano. It was excellent (of course I tried a bite or two of the lamb pasta!).
The other was a Pasta Special: Agnolotti with pureed carrot and cheese, pea shoots, arugula. I didn't try the agnolotti but he said they were really, really, really good.
My dad chose Laurel Hill Trout (hen of the woods mushrooms, grilled spring onion, Yukon gold potatoes, salsa verde). He ate every last bit of food on his plate and said several times that his trout was excellent.
For me, a small portion of Alla Chitarra (cacio e pepe). I had a little bit leftover that I took home.
And a small portion of Pappardelle (beef short rib sugo, stracciatella). Both were really tasty. I finished the pappardelle, which was probably my favorite. I've always really liked homemade pappardelle, especially when served with short rib sugo. And cheese.

After dinner, SP and I ordered cappuccino. The four of us shared three desserts:
Zabaglione (brown sugar focaccia crunch, mixed berries). This was a big hit with my dad and SP.
Hazelnut-Chocolate Torte (hazelnut-chocolate mousse, chocolate genoise, chocolate curls). This was my favorite. Not heavy and dense. Light and chocolaty and just so good. I couldn't stop eating it.
Olive Oil Cake (marmellata, whipped cream). This, too, was very good, though switching between bites of chocolate hazelnut and bites of citrus wasn't so great, which is why I ended up focused on the chocolate dessert and SP & my mom focused on the olive oil cake. Dad was all about the zabaglione.

We really like all the Big Burrito restaurants. Personally, I think I found my new favorite one (sorry Eleven) because I love good pasta and I thought the pasta dishes were excellent. The appetizers were very much to my liking, too - there's just something so good about terrific tomatoes with basil and cheese and I've always enjoyed a good fried calamari. The desserts were really tasty, too. Alta Via was a meal of many of my favorite things. Our server was friendly, knowledgeable, checked with the chef on garlic for me. Our meal was nicely paced.

We'll be back! Even if it means taking Route 28!

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