Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend was our third summer CLO show: Peter Pan. I had seen it before, a very long time ago with Cathy Rigby, but I didn't remember it. When I was a kid, Peter Pan was one story I never knew. Then I saw the show. Then that TV show Once Upon A Time killed any like of the Peter Pan story for me. It was a horrible story line, dragged out way too long, and so darn annoying. That story line was the reason we quit watching the show. So I wasn't too excited about this show, especially since we'd seen Finding Neverland and Peter & the Starcatcher and both were just OK. This Peter Pan was better than I was expecting, with a few really good scenes, but that dog drove me nuts and was stupid. I kept wishing the crocodile would eat the dog, Nana.

Of course, my frustration with what I see as a lack of etiquette is starting to reach a boiling point at the shows. People checking cell phones during the shows, crinkling candy wrappers, chomping on gum, and at this show, children who are clearly too young to be at the theater for a show and who make noise the entire time. It was to the point that we had trouble hearing the show over the obnoxious around-3-years-old child right in front of us. She would not shut up, either babbling or doing that screaming/screeching thing children do. Thank goodness she fell asleep during the second act. We didn't officially complain, but I know someone(s) around us did because the usher spoke with the child's adults.
After we had dinner at Meat & Potatoes. We ordered our usual food but tried new drinks. Here's what we had:

  • My cocktail: Root to Berry (Haku vodka, ginger, lime, strawberry-hibiscus syrup, seltzer)
  • His cocktail: Rye or Die (Wild Turkey 101 rye, aperol, lemon, elderflower liqueur, demerara, angostura bitters)
  • To start, Fried Pickles (spicy ranch) and Fried Brussels (parmesan, lemon aioli)
  • Also to start, the Burrata special. Toasted bread smeared with burrata and topped with asparagus, avocado, strawberry salad with a lemon poppy seed dressing.
  • For my meal, Brisket Mac & Cheese (brisket, smoked gouda, thyme, french onion breadcrumbs)
  • For his meal, Salmon (black rice, kim chi, cucumber, Chinese sausage, Korean hot sauce, fried egg, ginger scallion relish) 
  • Dessert: Chocoate Pot de Creme

What We're Eating:
  • We used our grill rotisserie to make a whole chicken on the grill. That was for Monday when we visited with TX family. We also had grilled zucchini, steamed broccoli, and crescent rolls. The crescent rolls were a treat. I don't think we've ever bought them, but the nephews like them and they were easy. There was some leftover chicken, enough for one more dinner.
  • Grilled burgers with toasted buns, avocado, tomato, smoked gouda, and some of the leftover homemade bourbon barbecue sauce.
  • Dessert: Store-bought cupcakes with TX family. Leftover ice cream during the week.
What We're Watching:
  • We finished The Crown and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to Season 3, though I'll miss the current actors.
  • We watched Russian Doll on Netflix, which I liked much, much more than I expected given that I cannot stand the movie Groundhog Day. Season 1 is a quick watch. It's 8 episodes and each episode is 20-30 minutes long.
  • Only one more episode of Big Little Lies. Will Celeste destroy Mary Louise on the stand? Somehow I think no one is a match for that woman! Will one of the 5 crack and confess what really happened? And gosh it's not as if I really like Renata but boy do I want to smack her husband around. What a jerk, first the money/bankruptcy and then the nanny.
  • I watched If Beale Street Could Talk and thought it was excellent. It made me cry, what happened to Fonny & Tish.
  • We watched Bohemian Rhapsody. It was fun to hear all the music but I wonder how accurately the movie portrays Mercury's life. Also, while Malek won the Oscar and did a great job as Mercury, the movie itself was not very good. After we finished the movie, we went down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos from 13 July 1985 and Live Aid performances. We both remember that day well because it was such a big deal, the dual concerts in London and Philadelphia.
What I'm Reading:
  • I started a book, The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan. I'm not very far into it.
  • The usual magazines.

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