Monday, August 19, 2019


This past Saturday we went to Morcilla for dinner. It had been over a year since our last time there and that really surprised us since we like Morcilla a lot. It was, as usual, tasty, with great service, and the extra adventure of losing power at the end of our time there thanks to that nasty storm/microburst that zipped through Lawrenceville that evening. Fortunately, the power outage didn't last long. It was kind of nice, actually, atmosphere-wise, to have no electric hum noise (even at home, I never notice it until the power goes out and then I notice the silence), just the guests talking, the sounds of the storm, candlelight, and the light from the front window.

Here's what we enjoyed:

  • Sangria Rosada Espumosa (rosé cava/aguardiente/fruit/herbs)
  • Gin & Tonic (with Monkey 47 Gin)
  • Trabanco Sidra Draft. 

I liked my sangria a lot, especially the floating flower. SP ordered his cider and gin & tonic at the same time. He's slowly working his way through all the gins.
Charcuteria (serrano, paleta, iberian pepper salami, morcilla, chorizo). The only two I could eat (garlic-free) were the serrano and iberian pepper salami. The ham was excellent, although I miss the serrano with marcona almonds plate that used to be offered. I liked the salami a lot, too, a really nice pepper flavor, but it had a bit too much finishing heat for me. Yes, I am a wimp! SP ate everything else and said it was all delicious.
Tomato & Peach Salad (whipped feta, harissa, smoked walnuts, za’atar). Yum! Fresh dill, too.
Oxtail Montadito (caramelized onion, mahon cheese, baguette). My favorite item on the menu. We ended up ordering a second plate of these!
Costillas de la Matanza (baby back pork ribs, pomegranate sherry caramel, scallions, coriander, crunchy black olive). The meat fell off the bone. A dark photo, but the 4 ribs were really good.
Beer Battered Summer Beans (aioli, burnt lemon). So good! I wish there had been more on the plate.
Desserts: Churros (chocolate hazelnut fondue) and a Peach Sorbet with zabaglione (I think-?). I liked the sorbet, but we all know I was all about the churros. Somehow they manage to be kind of light and not heavy fried sticks of dough that sit in my stomach all night.

We still like Morcilla. A lot. Hopefully it won't be over a year before we return.

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