Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Sienna on the Square

One of our favorite restaurants is Sienna on the Square. I seem to always order the same dish. But this past time, I ordered something different, as did SP. Everything we ordered was new-to-us! Exciting, right?

We ordered rosé to drink. Here's what we ate:
Appetizer Special: Breaded & Fried Eggplant with a corn-tomato salsa. Really lovely, non-greasy breading on the eggplant.
Baked Manicotti (Goat Cheese, Rainbow Chard, Roasted Broccoli, Smoked Tomato Cream, Basil, Pine Nuts). So good! But I ate only about a third because we were warned there was garlic in the cheese filling and even though I didn't smell/taste it, I didn't want to tempt fate.
SP's meal: Sea Scallops (chanterelle & fava bean risotto, prosciutto chips, pickled cauliflower relish). I had a little taste and it was excellent.
My meal: Gnocchi (English peas, green beans, prosciutto, pepperjack mousse, marjoram). Oh my gosh. So good. Wonderful gnocchi. Cooked just right green beans. And that pepperjack mousse - yum! This might be my new favorite dish there.
Dessert: I think this was a dessert special: Peach Pastry Tart with blackberry jam. Really good and just the right size for us to share and have a bit of a sweet treat but not make us way too full.

We sat right on the edge of indoor/outdoor and it was a beautiful Sunday early evening. Tasty food, very good service, relaxing, sunny, gentle breeze, able to see what was going on in Market Square. Probably my favorite dinner of the six summer show dinners.

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June 2019

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