Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend we saw Hello Dolly and I loved the show. I loved "The Waiters' Gallop." That was our last summer show. I'm not sure we'll subscribe next year. If we do, not all six shows. That was a bit much.

This "fun" interaction happened on our way to the show:

We were walking the 2-3 blocks to the Benedum and as usual, on each corner were homeless and/or panhandlers. This has, over the years, become a larger issue in the Cultural District. I always feel pangs of guilt as we walk by, guilt that we are fortunate enough to be able to afford our show & dinner dates. But should I feel guilty? SP works long hours. He is smart, went to a good university, did well, has always had a good job with good benefits, and we adhere to a budget and have savings goals every year.

We were waiting to cross the street and a panhandler was asking for money. Then he started ranting about folks who could afford fancy clothes and to go to shows and eat out but who wouldn't give even a quarter to help someone who fought for them to be able to go to their fancy shows. There were only 2 other people waiting to cross the street so it was pretty clear he was ranting at us. I was trying to ignore the rant, plus my back was to him since SP was pushing me in the wheelchair. Then I heard SP say he was sorry but he didn't carry cash. This is not a lie. We do not usually carry cash, not unless we know we're going to need it. We charge everything. We do not even carry change in my purse/his pocket.

After SP apologized for not carrying cash, the guy screamed,"*UCK YOU!" at him and just started screaming ranting at him even more. Then the light changed and we flew across the intersection to get away. I was more than a little rattled. I was a little afraid he was going to follow us or something worse. He must've gotten more in SP's face than I realized for SP to even say something - and then to scream the F-word at him for not carrying cash to give away?

This incident goes along with the fight we saw in Eyeball Park, the overdose in Eyeball Park (that was fun, watching police and an ambulance cart off a totally non-responsive person, didn't even respond to someone dumping a cup of water in his face), a couple of screaming matches between people - all on Sundays in the afternoon. Then there were the incidents we didn't witness, like the July shooting in Eyeball Park. The Cultural District is seeming not so nice and safe these days.

This morning after my doctor appointment we went to Party Cake in Brookline for paczki, which they are making for several days this month. As we were leaving, I pointed out to SP all the police cars and ambulances with flashing lights and the blocked off roads and wondered what was going on. After we got home, I discovered that some guy barricaded himself in a house in Brookline and it was a SWAT situation.

Huh. And we drove right to it. OK, on the streets near it, but still, there we were, clueless and donut-focused, wandering near a tense situation.

It's been an exciting week.

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We finished OITNB on Netflix. I'm glad there was a sense of closure.
  • We started GLOW Season 3 on Netflix and the first episode was OK. I hope it picks up a bit.
  • We also started The Boys on Amazon Prime and we got sucked into that, so GLOW has been on hold.
  • Mindhunter Season 2 starts tomorrow on Netflix.
  • Animal Kingdom (TNT). Next week is the season finale but oh my gosh! This week's episode! That huge death! I did not see it coming, not at all. That is a bold move, killing off that character. So excited to see how this season ends and then where it goes next season. Also, I have enjoyed the Smurf background story. I think this might be my favorite season.

What I'm Reading:

  • I read The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton. It was quite good even if it did stretch the bounds of believability a bit (there's some witchcraft/paranormal aspects to the mystery).
  • New magazine issues are arriving. The pile grows.

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