Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

The tree people are here. Again. I'm sure long time readers are wondering how we have any trees left in our yard since it must seem like I frequently write that the tree guys are here. But, we do. Backyard = woods. Today they're cutting down a walnut tree. It looks like it might be the last tree threat to our house, but I'm thinking a couple smaller ones by the deck might need to go, too, maybe next year. After 3-4 trees falling (one taking out part of the deck) we're done trying to be tree huggers and not kill off nature. Ever have to file a home insurance claim? Hope you never do because hoo boy do your rates then go up, even if you had a pretty small claim. 

One bonus of this tree going: no more walnuts dropping onto the driveway and becoming ankle rolling hazards or ugly brown-green splats from the car crunching them. And maybe fewer walnuts = less digging and burying of nuts in my yard by the squirrels. I used to think squirrels were cute and fun to watch. Not anymore. Not after seeing what they do to my front landscaped mulch areas.

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We finished The Boys on Amazon and loved it.
  • We started Mindhunter Season 2 on Netflix. I'm glad we took the time to watch the Season 1 recap because I had forgotten a lot! We've only watched 1 episode.
  • We watched GLOW Season 3 on Netflix. At first I was kind of bored with it, but then it picked up and got more interesting. It'll be interesting to see where Season 4 goes (if there is a Season 4).

What I'm Reading:

  • Dead Woman Walking from Sharon Bolton. It was good. I've read several of her books and enjoyed them all so I finally made a list of all the ones I have not yet read and am slowly making my way through the list.
  • Magazines! The new Bon Appetit, which had an interesting read on Gullah Geechee Culture. Also the new Food Network Magazine, which had a cereal quiz and I got enough correct to just eke out being in the well informed category (or whatever they call it) despite not eating cereal (other than Rice Krispies Treats). Speaking of cereal, for some reason, SP wanted Fruit Loops so now there's a box in the house. I used to snack on them when I was in college, like chips, no milk, just crunching away on handfuls of dried cereal. Nowadays that sounds gross. But he's been snacking on them when he needs something to boost his glucose.

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