Monday, September 23, 2019

Café Du Jour

This past Saturday's dinner date was at Café Du Jour on the South Side. I'd been wanting to go back for a while and I wanted to go before it got too cold to enjoy the outdoor space. It was definitely not too cold this past weekend - it was pretty warm & humid for mid/late September. Fortunately, we were seated at a table under an overhang/roof so we were shielded from some occasional light sprinkles.
Café Du Jour is BYOB so we took a bottle of sauvignon blanc from Touraine, France, which means it was close to a sancerre, which I love. Here's what we ate:
To start, Crostini with roasted pork tenderloin, brie, apple butter, and arugula. These were on the menu the last time we were at CDJ and they are just as delicious as I remember.
SP had soup: Wild Mushroom Consomme with shitake, king oyster, porcini, maitake and shimeji mushrooms.
We shared a salad: Watermelon with house made ricotta, spinach, onion jam, toasted almond, bacon vinaigrette, pomegranate-balsamic glaze. So good. I loved the onion jam. So did SP. We had a fork war over the jam and cheese!
My entree: North African Spiced Lamb "Pot Pie" with puff pastry, zhug, ginger labneh, raisin, preserved lemon, fennel, onion, and mint. This was really good but for me, a spice wimp, it packed a good punch of heat. SP didn't think it was quite so spicy. The lamb was so tender and flavorful. I loved the ginger labneh. Our server told us this dish is new to the menu.
SP had fish: Chile-Ginger Glazed Salmon with mango, cucumber, onion, herbs, mixed grains, preserved eggplant, and sesame aioli. It was a nice piece of fish and he said it was delicious, nicely cooked and a lovely light sweet & spiced glaze.

We both saved a bit of our dinners to bring home so that we could have a little lunch treat on Sunday and so that we had room for dessert.
Flourless Chocolate Cake with, I think, white chocolate drizzle. We also ordered decaf coffee.

CDJ is a wonderful place. The food is delicious. The meal is nicely paced. I love the outdoor area. It's a hidden gem in the South Side, tucked away between buildings, a green space with a water feature and some twinkle lights. Our server seemed to be the only server but in spite of that he was friendly, attentive, not harried, and happy to answer my questions.

They do accept credit cards now (on our previous visits it was cash only) and it's still BYOB (corkage fee $3/stem) which is nice.

I hope it doesn't take us another 5 years to return (here's our last visit).

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