Monday, September 30, 2019

Downey's House

Everyone has a local, go-to place for dinner, right? A place where they know your name, know what you're drinking without even asking, know what you always order. A place where you run into your neighbors, where you can get the latest local gossip. For us, that place is Downey's House on Route 60/Steubenville Pike. 

They have live music on Saturdays (I'm not sure about other days). There's an outdoor, covered area. There are lots of TV's for watching sports. It's very casual and friendly. We always get fresh iced teas and SP gets whatever is seasonal and on tap. This past Saturday there were 12 beers on tap and he had a Sam Adams Halloween/Pumpkin beer (I know nothing about beer, I only half listen when he orders).

We always start with this:
Fried Zucchini - "An old family recipe from The Main Hotel! Long, thin strips of zucchini hand-breaded and fried to a crispy golden brown. Served with spaghetti sauce, or have our homemade horsey sauce." Usually they are served as flat planks but this past weekend they were rolled into spirals, which I kind of prefer. We were hungry and we ate all of them. We always squeeze the lemon wedge over them and order the marinara sauce plus our server always brings sprinkle cheese so I sprinkle even more cheese on top.
They are known for their Rolls, which we almost never order because while delicious, they are a lot of bread/carb and we both try to be careful. This time, SP ordered the Spinach Rolls - "stuffed with Annie’s secret recipe spinach mix and cheese." They also have Pepperoni, Italian, and Chicken Bacon Cheddar Rolls, all served with your choice of spaghetti sauce, ranch or garlic ranch for dipping. I didn't eat any spinach rolls because of garlic, but I have tried the other three kinds and all are delicious.
Often I order the Meatball Hoagie topped with sauce & provolone cheese and I choose the side of pasta. The meatballs are so good and it's huge. I get 2 meatball hoagie meals plus a pasta lunch! I also frequently order Philly Steak & Cheese (sirloin steak, Provolone cheese, onions and peppers on a hoagie roll). Lately I've been ordering BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwich (grilled chicken with bacon, cheddar cheese, onion straws and a side of BBQ sauce). Sometimes I get regular fries, sometimes sweet potato. It's yummy, lots of bacon and cheese and onion straws.

SP loves the Seafood Chowder and almost always orders Grilled Salmon (served on a mixture of sauteed zucchini, spinach, roasted red peppers and topped with feta cheese). There also are burgers, pizzas, pastas and tasty mozzarella sticks.

We are always too full for dessert and always take home part of our meals.

We like Downey's House a lot. The food is yummy. Service is always friendly. Sometimes it can be slow, sometimes fast, it all depends on how busy they are, and when they've been really busy/slow, we've seen the owner going around and explaining/apologizing for long waits. We always sit in the dining room so I have no idea what the outdoor area is like.

If you're in the area and looking for tasty food, definitely try Downey's House.

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