Monday, September 9, 2019

Fresh Tomato Galette

Even before September started it seemed like everyone was done with summer and embracing all things pumpkin spice. I like pumpkin spice, but not until October. Any earlier than that and I have pumpkin spice rage. Especially right now since we're still getting tomatoes in our garden. Not many, and we only planted cherry tomatoes, but we're still getting them.

This tart is from a couple of weeks ago. It's the Fresh Tomato Galette from Cook's Country August/September 2019. I love tomatoes and tomato tarts. These tomatoes are from the farmers' market and they were really juicy. 
I wanted to try this tart because it wasn't a puff pastry one like the other tomato tarts we've made. The dough is easy to make and since it's a galette, it doesn't have to be rolled into a nice round circle. Just an approximate circle. You can make it look round when you fold up and crimp the crust edge. This tart is delicious and it keeps for 2 days. The layer of gruyere on the bottom helps keep it from turning soggy because it acts as a barrier between the crust and the tomatoes. The Dijon mustard adds a nice bite of flavor. We omitted the garlic, used just a little sliced shallot, and since our basil plants are not doing well, we used only the thyme and added a bit extra to make up for no basil. I actually prefer the flavor of tomatoes with thyme right now, it's a nice change of pace from the usual, sometimes a little boring tomato-basil combination.

Definitely a make again tart.

Recipe here.

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