Monday, September 16, 2019

Grilled Brats & Beer

Labor Day Leftovers 2019 
Grilling season is coming to an end, unless you like grilling in the dark, or in cold weather. Sometimes we grill into late October, and sometimes in February on an unusually warm day, but usually by early October we're done grilling until early April.

The past two weeks I've been noticing the earlier & earlier sunset. It was just a couple weeks ago that we grilled these Grilled Brats & Beer for our Labor Day gathering.* This is the second year we've made them for friends. Even I like them and I'm not usually much of a brat person. There are only two photos. We were busy hanging out with friends! And then eating! In fact, these photos are the leftovers, which we reheated and ate during the week.
Photo from Labor Day 2018
Lots of onions, mustard, and beer. We used Yuengling beer. We also left out the caraway seeds because this is the only recipe we'd ever use them and we didn't want another one use spice in the drawer. These are easy to make. Grill the onions and brats, then transfer them to a disposable 13x9 aluminum grill pan on the grill in which the beer-mustard sauce has been mixed. Simmer the brats & onions in the sauce for around 15 minutes, remove the brats and grill until lightly charred. Meanwhile, simmer the sauce and onions for about another 5 minutes.
Labor Day Leftovers 2019
I really like the beer-mustard-onion sauce. I don't eat my brat on a bun, or with the onions, just on a plate with sauce to spoon up. These are really good. Try them before your grilling season ends. These would be good at a tailgate gathering, too.

Recipe here.

*We also grill sweet & spicy Italian sausages and a bunch of green & red peppers, so there are 3 kinds of sausages for our guests.

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