Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Olive Oil Cake

We made this Olive Oil Cake a year ago but I never wrote about it, mostly because the photos weren't good. We made it again for this year's Labor Day gathering and made sure to take photos in the daylight by the window. The recipe is from Cook's Illustrated.
The cake has a lovely crunchy, sugary topping.
It has a moist, light lemony interior.
It's an easy cake to make, although it does use a springform pan. The cake was a huge hit with our friends at both Labor Day gatherings so I guess we'll have to bake it every year now?! Or for at least as long as we host a holiday weekend gathering with friends.
We also like that it makes one 9 inch layer of cake. If we make it just for us, we can eat it before it gets stale. For gatherings, it's not so big that we cannot make (or shouldn't make) a second dessert.

Recipe here.

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