Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Walnut Grill

Several weeks ago our Saturday Dinner Out was at Walnut Grill. It was a last minute decision, so we were happy we were able to be seated right away without a reservation. We sat outside on the patio area. I had iced tea and SP had beer. Here's what we ate:
Loaded Tater Tots (four cheese alfredo, smoked gouda, candied jalapeños, bacon). They were tasty, but they don't seem as good as when we first started going to Walnut Grill.
Lightly Crusted Atlantic Cod (potato, horseradish-herb crust, Old Bay rémoulade, chilled lump crab relish). He had a side salad and cole slaw.
Baked Meatball Bucatini (house made meatballs, marinara, mozzarella, provolone, asiago). The two biggest meatballs I've ever seen.
I feel like there could have been a bit more pasta for the amount of meatball. Also, a long pasta like bucatini seems like a poor choice given that two huge meatballs are plopped right on top. It was very difficult to eat the bucatini, to get a twirl, to get it out from under that weight. I ended up splattering my shirt with sauce. It was good. I took at least half home and had two lunch meals. I also ate a side salad.

We have a like-don't like relationship with WG. Service can be good, or not good. Allergies aren't always taken seriously (in my opinion). I've had some servers just say, oh there's garlic in everything or oh, yes, I love garlic so nothing is too garlicky in my opinion. Drinks aren't always refilled. Food isn't always served hot (our tots were lukewarm). SP once ordered Lemon Caper Flounder and there were only 3 capers. SP's dad once ordered Wild Mushroom Chicken and was disappointed because on that visit he received only 2 mushrooms and a teaspoon of sauce instead. The worst was earlier this summer when we were seated outside and no one ever came to our table. After 20 minutes, we just left, telling the hostess on the way out why we were leaving.

We want to like WG. But it's so hit or miss and we almost always leave disappointed.

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