Friday, October 11, 2019

Grasshopper Pie

I have always liked chocolate and mint. I remember sneaking Andes Candies from the guest candy dish on my mom's Card Club nights at our house. I also remember my parents drinking Grasshopper Cocktails when I was a kid and letting me have a tiny sip and I loved it. So when I saw that The Perfect Pie from America's Test Kitchen had a Grasshopper Pie recipe, I had to buy the cookbook. And then we had to make it, our first pie from the cookbook.
Of course that meant buying Creme de Cacao and Creme de Menthe. Plus gelatin. And chocolate wafers. The cookbook calls for a crust made from ground creme de menthe Oreos but I wasn't sure about that. I've never really liked Oreos, particularly the cream filling. I decided to use the chocolate crust from this recipe: No Bake Chocolate-Raspberry Cream Pie.
Butter sugar, and chocolate chips melted together and then combined with crushed chocolate wafer cookies. No baking required.
The grasshopper green filling is quite a few steps!
Soften gelatin, then cook the gelatin-cream-sugar. Whisk eggs, temper the gelatin mixture into the eggs and cook like a custard for ice cream. Stir in the liqueurs, refrigerate for a while, stirring occasionally. Whip heavy cream until you get soft peaks, whisk some of it into the gelatin mixture, the fold in the rest. Then spread into the crust.
A beautiful cool mint green. I love the color, I love the minty smell.
We had a lot of filling and didn't want to waste any so ours is probably a little over-stuffed. It's so good. Cool, minty, light, a chocolaty crust. It got better as the week went on. We made our pie on a Sunday and ate a bit every night, finishing on Friday and it was fine.
It's a good thing we really liked this pie because we now have two bottles of liquor to use! Maybe we can try making a Grasshopper Cocktail, too. We'll definitely be making this pie again.

Recipe here.

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