Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Paris 66

Last Saturday's Dinner Date Night was at Paris 66. It had been a year since our last meal there! I think it rainy and chilly the last time we went, too! Here's what we enjoyed:
A glass of Sancerre for me and Pinot Grigio for him.
We shared an appetizer: Tarte Flambée Alsacienne - Flammenkueche (thin-crusted tart with bacon, onions, crème fraîche). This tart is so good! It's so good I wish I hadn't had to share! I'd be more than happy with this tart all to myself and a salad for dinner.
For SP's meal: Poisson du Jour -  Monkfish with asparagus and rice. I forget what the sauce was, other than delicious because he basically licked the plate and said he could the sauce would be delicious on anything.
I chose Boeuf Bourguignon (slow cooked beef in a Burgundy red wine sauce, bacon, mushrooms, onions, potatoes). I liked but didn't love this dish. I really liked the potatoes, mushrooms, and carrots and the thin bits of bacon, but the beef was a bit chewy for me, not as tender and moist as I expected. Then again, often when I think meat is a tad chewy, others say it's fine and look at me like I am crazy. I just don't have, as SP & I joke, "T-Rex teeth."
With dessert I ordered Cafe au Lait & SP ordered Decaf Coffee.
We ordered Souffle Glace Grand Marnier and got to a flame show.
It was good but different than I remember. Boozier. Not as cold. But maybe that's because last time I just tried a bite of someone else's dessert and this time we had the whole dessert? 
We also ordered Pear & Almond Tart. We always get this because it's so darn good. I eat the whipped cream and the drizzle, but I'm all about the tart crust.

Although we don't get to Paris 66 more than once a year, maybe twice, we still really enjoy it. Our server was terrific, the food tasty, it was inviting, cozy, and warm inside. A great place to spend a rainy evening.

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