Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Texas Vacation

Sixth Floor Museum
We've been back about a week from a vacation to Texas. When we told people we were going on vacation to Texas, many people looked at us, not quite sure what to say or how to react. I guess it didn't seem very vacation-y. They seemed less incredulous when we explained that we were going to visit TXSIL and her family. They live in the Dallas area. We also drove down to San Antonio and spent some time there.
Pumpkins at Arboretum
I think what we remember most about Texas is the heat. Oh my gosh. The heat. It was October and with the exception of 2 days, it was 95+ degrees/feels like 103. One of the two non 95+ degree days had a wind chill of 47 degrees. We were so cold that day and grateful it was raining when we left for the airport so we'd grabbed our raincoats.

Our next memory is probably the elevated highways, the crazy multi-lane highways, even in suburbia, and the traffic. The day we drove from San Antonio back to Dallas was one of those days where no matter how many miles you put behind you, you never got any closer in terms of time of arrival because "there is a 1 hour 8 minute delay on your route." That was on a Sunday. A Sunday. A non holiday time Sunday.
Peanuts Themed area for fall at Arboretum
Here's what we did in Dallas:
  • Sixth Floor Museum/Dealy Plaza/JFK Memorial
  • Bishop Arts District
  • Dallas Arboretum
  • Fort Worth Stock Yards
  • Sundance Square
  • Dallas Cowboys Stadium

The last two were "drive past" visits. We all were hot and exhausted from the Stock Yards and didn't see any available street parking at Sundance Square, so we just drove around and then drove up to Arlington and past the monstrosity that is the Cowboys football stadium. We did our best to cast a spell on it and they did lose the next two games, but since we got home, they've won. Since moving to TX, our nephews have become Cowboys fans so they were none too happy with us cheering against the Cowboys. Happily, they also like the Steelers.
Fort Worth Stock Yards Cattle Drive
It was neat to see the cattle drive at the Stock Yards. They were pretty mellow cattle. Not one tried to break free or gore anyone with a horn. 
Fort Worth Stock Yards
Maybe next time we can go to one of the evening rodeos? I wish we'd had time to ride the train, too.
Arneson River Theater along River Walk
After four days in Dallas, we were off to San Antonio via West, TX, where we stopped for some kolache. Yum!
River Walk
Here's what we did in San Antonio:
  • The Alamo
  • The River Walk
  • Took a Go Rio boat ride of the River Walk
  • King William District
  • Historic Market Square
  • Toured the San Antonio Missions National Park
  • La Villita
  • Six Flags San Antonio
The Alamo
I had promised SP, the rollercoaster enthusiast, two park trips. We planned to go to SeaWorld on Friday, but with the winds so strong, the coasters weren't running, so we didn't bother going. He was sad. I was secretly happy because I'd spent all morning wondering how the heck I was going to stay warm in the 47 degree weather. It was so windy & cold.

So that day ended up being just us wandering around, ducking into shops to stay warm. The next day was cool but less windy, so we made it Six Flags and he was in coaster heaven since he had never been to that park and everything was a new-to-him ride. I got to people-watch (way too many health issues to ride, especially with the carotid artery still being torn).

We also spent some time with friends of his in the area.
Missions National Park
I'm glad we finally made it to Texas. It's a state I had not yet visited. We had a great time seeing family. But next time we go, we will pick a time of year without a remote chance of 95+ degrees! 

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