Monday, October 28, 2019

Vanilla Bean-Apricot Sandwich Cookies

Ever since SP bought me Halloween cookie cutters, we try to use them and bake a cutout cookie every October. At first we made my grandma's Ischl Tartlets. The last couple of years we made Black Cherry & Chocolate Linzer Cookies. This year, we decided to try Vanilla Bean-Apricot Sandwich Cookies from The Perfect Cookie by America's Test Kitchen.
These were easy to make, just a little time consuming because of chilling the dough for 30 minutes and rolling the dough. To get superfine sugar, we pulsed regular granulated sugar in the food processor a few times. We chose to not decorate the cookies with icing.
These were delicious. You could use any flavor jam but I like the orange color of the preserves since it's autumn/Halloween. The vanilla and apricot taste great together. These were so good it was hard to not keep eating them. Also, while they're tasty when just made, they taste even better after a few hours. We'd definitely make these again.

Recipe here.

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