Tuesday, November 5, 2019

H3 Ranch

The day that we went to Fort Worth Stockyards, we didn't have a plan for lunch. When it was lunch time, we didn't have any idea where to go or what our options were. All I knew was that SP & I definitely did not want a burger or any kind of beef. Of course, the nephews wanted burgers. Also, whatever we ate, we wanted to be inside an air conditioned place, not eating outside, not even outside shielded from the sun. It was that hot. After walking around for a bit we came across H3 Ranch and decided to give it a try. It bills itself as a "Live Hickory Wood Grill located in the heart of Fort Worth’s Historic Stockyard District."
It was cool inside and smelled of smoke - not cigarette smoke (gross) but wood smoke (not gross). When I glanced up from the menu, I saw the above staring down at me. Yes, we were in TX. Also, the bar stools:
That does not look comfortable to me!

Our group of six ordered ices teas, waters, sodas. Here's what we ate:
SIL ordered Tacos (our own spit-roasted pork tacos served with lettuce, cheddar cheese, & Wood Roasted Salsa). She shared with BIL, who also ordered Burnt Ends (Chunks of Prime Angus Brisket cooked slow in our Hickory smoker & tossed in Hickory Sauce). The nephews ordered burgers.
SP ordered an appetizer and a side: Sweet Thighs (three deliciously roasted chicken thighs, deep fried and glazed spicy sweet, served with Lip Smackin' Sauce) and Sauteed Spinach (with a blue cheese sauce), He got the blue cheese sauce on the side. He said the chicken thighs were delicious and sow as the spinach.
I ordered H3 Ranch Club Sandwich - Panini Style (turkey, ham, bacon, gruyere cheese with wood-roasted tomato mayonnaise on torta bread and grilled over live hickory wood). Oh my gosh, this was one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. Lots of tasty meat, smoked flavor, delicious torta, salty cheese. I wish I could have eaten all of it, but it was pretty big for me for lunch on a super hot day (I don't have much of an appetite when it's that hot),
More bar decor (above photo) - a buffalo butt, I guess because of the Buffalo Butt Beer. H3 was a great find for lunch during our time at the Stockyards. Everyone liked their food. Service was very good. Our server even filled up the refillable water bottles we were walking around with to stay hydrated. We'd definitely go back.

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