Friday, November 29, 2019

Maverick Whiskey

It's all about the holidays now, but I'm a little tired of the holidays already. Holiday creep is ruining the holidays. I was so sick of seeing Thanksgiving food in all my social media feeds for 3 weeks that I started to want to order a pizza on Turkey Day. I was sick of Christmas before Thanksgiving because of people I follow posting about decorating trees and making wreaths, etc. I don't want to see Christmas until the Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm so sick of the holidays I don't even want to put up our tree.

Instead of thinking about Christmas, I'm remembering our trip to San Antonio in October, hot darn hot it was, and our meal at Maverick Whiskey. It's a distillery and a brewery and a restaurant. We didn't have time to take a tour but we did go for dinner one night. Here's what we enjoyed:
Maverick Mule for me and Gin & Cuke for him. He liked his a lot. I didn't like my mule that much. I think maybe I wasn't a fan of the whiskey, or maybe it was just a tad too strong for me.
We shared a House Salad (Green Bexar Farms seasonal greens, grilled corn, smoked cheddar cheese, heirloom grape tomatoes, candied bacon, creamy herb dressing). Yummy.
We also shared Cast Iron Goat Cheese (creamy goat cheese, Texas pressed olive oil, thyme, rosemary,
local berry compote, whiskey flour focaccia). Also yummy.
SP was ready for another drink and decided to try the Oat Beer.
For his meal: Shrimp and Grits Ranchero (cilantro lime shrimp, smoked cheddar grits, heirloom adobo ranchero sauce, poached egg). He said it was delicious.
I ordered Grilled Pimento Cheese (smoked pimento cheese, house bacon, grilled tomato, sourdough). It was yummy but messy. I had cheese all over the place! The thin chips were yummy, too.

Overall, we liked the drinks & food and service at Maverick Whiskey. We'd go back.

*There's a step to enter but supposedly they have a ramp. SP just pulled me up backwards while a nice man also going to the restaurant held the door. The restaurant is on the second floor and there's an elevator.

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