Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Poulet Bleu

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday with dinner at Poulet Bleu, one of our favorite restaurants.  i actually made the reservation back in September, I think, because we had wanted to try to enjoy the outdoor seating before the cold weather arrived, but the earliest Saturday reservation I could get was November 1, We already had plans, so I made a reservation for November 9 and told SP that it would be my birthday dinner. Here's what we enjoyed:
A french Sauvignon Blanc for me and a French 75 (French Gin / Lemon / Gomme Sparkling wine) for SP.

We ordered the French Onion Soup and they split it for us, which was very nice. I didn't take a photo. It was as cheesy and delicious as it usually is.
We shared Brussels Sprouts (brown butter, bacon jam) that were delicious.
As always SP had Trout Almondine (Laurel Hill trout, haricot vert, brown butter, almonds, capers).
Last time we were there I tried Scallops St Jacques and they were so darn good that I ordered them again this time. They are nestled in vermouth, cream, parmesan, espelette and there is bread to sop up the sauce.
We did not need the Aligot Potatoes but we wanted the Aligot Potatoes. So cheesy and buttery. So good.
Much as I like chocolate mousse and beignets, I cannot pass up the Grand Marnier Souffle, available only on Saturdays (and maybe Fridays, too? Or Sundays? Point is, it's not a daily dessert.). It was served with vanilla ice cream, cranberries, and creme anglaise. Yum!

Service is always terrific, the meal is always nicely paced, and the food is always yummy. I'm already looking forward to our next trip. The only thing I wish is for easier parking. Even with an early reservation, parking along Butler Street was filled, including the one handicapped spot in front of Poulet Bleu & Morcilla (one of our other favorite places; they're next to each other), and it's always tough for us because we need to be sure to find parking along a low curb for getting me in/out with the wheelchair. We ended up parking 2 blocks away and had a bit of a tough walk up to Butler because the side streets are a bit steep and have terrible, horrid, uneven sidewalks which makes them difficult with the wheelchair. Good thing it's worth the parking difficulties!

Previous Visits:
September 2018

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