Monday, November 18, 2019


Schilo's is the oldest restaurant in San Antonio. It started in the 1900's as a saloon in Beeville, TX.  moved to San Antonio in 1914, and started serving food in 1917. It also is SP's friend's favorite restaurant in San Antonio. They don't take reservations and are only open for dinner on Friday & Saturday. We didn't think we were going to have time to try Schilo's, but since our Friday in San Antonio was very windy, the roller coasters weren't running, so we didn't go to the park and instead spent the day wandering around, trying to stay warm, and stopping at Schilo's for dinner.
They are famous for their homemade root beer, so of course I had to try it. Root beer has always been my favorite soda.
You can try a root beer cocktail or order a root beer float but I opted for a mug of root beer with one free refill. It was really good root beer! I rarely if ever drink soda these days because I don't like carbonated beverages (or all the sugar or other not great for you ingredients). I thought it was very flavorful and it seemed less carbonated than most soda, which I appreciated. SP helped me drink it since he wanted to try it and ended up really liking it. We drank two mugs of root beer. He also had a beer.
SP started with Famous Split Pea Soup. He said it was delicious. I do not like split pea soup.
While he slurped soup, I munched on a Garden Salad, which was good.
SP chose the Sausage Platter (choice of one, two, or three sausages served with bread and a side of your choice). He chose Bratwurst and Cheddarwurst plus a side of sauerkraut. I didn't try the sausage (which he really liked) but I loved the brown bread. I think I ate all his brown bread.
I chose Schweineschnitzel (breaded and pan-fried pork-loin) and German Potato Salad for the side. The schnitzel was yummy. I wasn't a big fan of the potato salad, but that's because if it's not my family's German Potato Salad, well, that one is the best ever and nothing else can compare!

We both liked Schilo's. Super casual and fun, old-fashioned inside but I like that kind of charm. Tasty food, really good root beer. We'd go back next time we're in San Antonio.

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