Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Bakery Lorraine

I think my favorite place in San Antonio was Bakery Lorraine in the Pearl District. It's a lovely cafe with delicious food made by people who met while working for Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bakery. You order & pay at a counter, take your beverage and hope there's a free table, and they bring your food to you. It can get quite busy and a free table can be hard to find, especially on cold & windy days when no one wants to sit outside.

We went here several times. That's how much we liked it. Here's what we tried:
A yummy puff pastry with cream and raspberries.
Earl Grey tea.
Quiche Lorraine (bacon, gruyère, caramelized onions, served with side salad).
Ham & Cheese on Croissant (French ham, brie, secret sauce).
We might have asked for no secret sauce, fearing some sort of garlic sauce. I don't remember a sauce. I remember flaky layers of croissant with ham and creamy brie.
Breakfast Sandwich (sausage or bacon and egg with cheddar on biscuit or croissant). I love breakfast sandwiches. I loved this breakfast sandwich.
Raspberry Coffee Cake (served warm with cultured butter). My goodness that butter was amazing. The cake, too.

Everything we ordered, we shared, and almost every time, I didn't want to share. Not that I could have eaten all of it, there was, as always, plenty of food in front of us, but it was that tasty. I wish we could have tried more. I wish Maybelle's Donuts, the donut shop run by the same people, had been open the Sunday morning we tried to go (it wasn't open that early and we had to get on the road before 11 am). I wish we had a Bakery Lorraine here. This place is delightful.

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