Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

It doesn't feel like it has been a week since Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if it feels longer or shorter than that! It was just the two of us although we did get to visit for a couple hours with TX family in the afternoon.

We weren't feeling much Christmas spirit and talked about not putting up the tree, but in the end we asked our friend ST to help us decorate. We didn't do quite as much as usual, but it's looking very festive now.

What We're Eating:

  • Leftover turkey, stuffing, cranberry, green beans
  • Chicken Piccata with rice and broccoli
  • Dessert: Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

What We're Watching:

  • Watchmen! I started watching simply because I knew SP wanted to watch. It was good but I wasn't all that into it for the first few episodes and I kept wondering where Don Johnson's character was since he gets such prominent billing. But the last two episodes have been fantastic and now I'm into it and wondering what happens next. I am not so into Jeremy Irons' story/character. I never get what is going on in those scenes. But the rest of it! Angela and Cal and Will and Laurie and Looking Glass - so excited for Sunday's episode! Two more for this season.
  • We finished the final season of Man in the High Castle. I thought it did a decent job of wrapping up most of the story lines, left it open at the end, maybe ended kind of hopeful - ? We enjoyed the four seasons.
  • We zipped through Season 3 of The Crown on Netflix.
  • We watched Toy Story 4 and enjoyed it.
  • I watched The Farewell and found myself enjoying it much more than I expected.

What I'm Reading:

  • Lost by Sharon Bolton, the third Lacey Flint book. Really enjoying these books.
  • The Chocolate Shark Shenanigans from Joanna Carl. Very light, quick read.
  • New issues of Bon Appetit, Saveur, Food Network, Cook's Illustrated. Lots of holiday foods.

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