Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Chicken Florentine

The Mouse Battle has prompted a lit more purging and cleaning out in areas other than the basement. That's how SP found an issue of Cook's Country from 2017. The issue with the Pimiento Mac & Cheese recipe. And the issue with this Chicken Florentine for Two recipe. A Chicken Florentine recipe that serves 4-6 is in The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Cookbook Season 7.
It's easy to make. Lost of spinach. It doesn't look like a lot because it's cooked, but it was 12 cups of spinach. A light cream-chicken-water stock sauce, some grated parmesan, lemon zest & juice, shallot. Garlic if you want. Yum!
This was all we ate for dinner but we both thought that in the future, we'd add a bit of rice or slice of bread. The chicken stayed juicy because it was poached in the liquid. Be sure to drain the spinach well after sauteing it.

Recipe for 4-6 here.
Recipe For Two here.

*We made the version that serves 4-6 because Cook's Country posted it via Instagram not too long ago (and we wanted three dinners for the week). When SP sheepishly handed me the long lost magazine, I realized the recipe I'd just printed was in it, albeit a version for two (so one dinner). The two versions are slightly different. "For Two" uses just cream & stock."For 4-6" uses water with the cream & stock, which made for a thinner looking sauce than the "For Two" photo in the magazine shows.

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