Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Marbled Blueberry Bundt Cake

I was gifted a copy of The Perfect Cake and I am so excited to try some of the cakes even though one cake is too much for us to eat before it gets stale. The first one we tried: Marbled Blueberry Bundt Cake.
Ready to go in the oven! Look at those swirls!
In spite of spraying the pan, which means every nook & cranny was greased, we lost some cake when we removed it. So sad. So glad we weren't making dessert for guests.
This cake is yummy! Great blueberry flavor. The blueberry swirl is a homemade blueberry jam you make from sugar, frozen blueberries, lemon zest & juice, and fruit pectin.
The cake itself is the usual cake ingredients plus buttermilk, lemon juice & zest, cinnamon.
We kept it in the refrigerator in our cake keeper. That meant the cake was too cold when we wanted dessert, so we started quickly warming it in the toaster oven. Slightly warming the cake made it so darn good with our evening tea. Slightly warming the cake also meant that it seemed to stay fresh 6-7 days for us.

Definitely a Make Again cake.

Recipe here.

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