Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Picnic Cafe

The Picnic Cafe has been in Dahlonega for as long as we've been visiting my brother there, so at least 14 years or so. It a great, casual place to grab breakfast/lunch and a treat. Over our holiday trip, we went several times for brunch. Here's what we ate this time:
Trio of Salads: Chicken, Pimiento Cheese, Ham Salad served with toast points and fruit. It's hard to see the ham salad on the right. It didn't stay in a round scoop. It's different from ham salad I've eaten. Usually, we buy Portman's Ham Salad and it's ground fine, mixed with mayo and some pickle. This ham salad was chunks of ham, chunks of hard boiled egg, mayo, and some pickle. It was different, but I really liked it.
Sausage Quiche with sides of pasta salad and fruit. This was good, although I think it was reheated a bit too long since some parts were a bit dry/hard.
Pimiento Cheese BLT with tomato sup and potato salad. I like their potato salad, too, because it's different from ours. A bit of pickle, a bit of pimiento/red pepper (?), and super creamy from mayo~egg.
Chicken Salad Sandwich with tomato soup & fruit.

It was tasty. It was definitely an indulgence to have this multiple days in a row and yes, we felt a little guilty at all the mayo, fat, and salt. We tried to balance it out with the fruit!

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