Friday, January 24, 2020

Sienna on the Square

It's the weekend! For us, that means dinner out on Saturday. The first Saturday of this month, we dined at Sienna on the Square and did not order our usual meals! Here's what we enjoyed:
Rose and chardonnay.
Arugula Salad (maple whipped chevre, slow cooked beets, almond brittle, basil vinaigrette). The beets were hidden under the pile of arugula.
Sea Scallops (fried brussels sprouts & prosciutto risotto, pickled cauliflower relish). Both our dining companions ordered and loved these scallops.
I see only one fish, monkfish, on the menu but this looks like salmon, so I think SP had a special? Salmon special? With butternut squash and orzo. He ate it all and enjoyed it but if I ask him what he ate, he won't remember!
I chose Gnocchi (roasted zucchini & mushrooms, prosciutto, pepperjack mousse, oregano). This had a bit more of a kick than I remember from the version I ate over the summer. This winter version was yummy, too. The pepperjack mousse is so good.
Chocolate Cake for dessert. It was a light & spongy cake. Really good.
After dinner cappuccino.

As always, we enjoyed our meals at SotS. It was the first time our dining companions had been there and they really liked it, so that made us happy.

Previous dinners at Sienna on the Square:
August 2019
June 2019

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