Tuesday, March 3, 2020


I posted this on Instagram a while ago but I'm late getting it on the blog. This is the Linzertorte from The Perfect Pie that we made in February. Our PBS station seems to be behind in airing episodes of America's Test Kitchen and it turned out they aired the episode with this Linzertorte the Saturday before we planned to make it, so we watched the episode before baking it that Sunday. It looked easy, and it was, but the crust & lattice take a while with all the freezing, chilling, etc. It uses hazelnuts and almonds as well as cinnamon and allspice. I wasn't even sure we still had allspice because that's not a spice we use very often!
The filling is simply raspberry jam and lemon juice.

This is a yummy Linzertorte. But since the recipe didn't say to grease the tart pan and since our tart pan is non-stick, well, you can see where this is going. We destroyed the tart chiseling it out of the tart pan. It was delicious, just not in pretty slices. Definitely not photo worthy.

We kept our torte in the refrigerator and reheated "slices" for dessert each night. It's much tastier at room temperature or warmed up. The tart dough is really good. I kept wanting more of it! We'll make this again, but next time, remember grease the tart pan.

Linzertorte recipe here or here (videos) or here (from Test Kitchen Instagram link).

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