Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Spring!

Last weekend we were supposed to see The Band's Visit and have dinner at Mezzo with friends but then the Cultural Trust cancelled events for a while. Since 75% of our dining group are at higher risk for COVID-19, we cancelled dinner, too. Instead, we stayed home & ordered pizza delivery.

We got cozy inside, disinfected the house, and then we discovered the leak. I kept hearing a noise and as usual, SP couldn't hear it, making me think I was crazy, or maybe having a new kind of ear/carotid issue. I even said it sounded like a drip but none of the sinks/tubs were dripping. Then Saturday afternoon he went to change the furnace filter and found a puddle of water in the utility room and it looked like a leak from the bathroom above it. So we called a plumber. One came, checked things out, and said they'd be out Tuesday to fix things. Tuesday we waited & waited & waited and finally the plumber arrived, entering our safe, germ free zone. Turns out, we had 2 minuscule holes in a piece of copper pipe that were spraying constant water up onto the ceiling and at a certain point, the sprayed water started dripping down onto the floor (what I heard). So he replaced that piece of pipe. Thank goodness it was accessible (not above a finished ceiling). There are some other issues, too, a couple new and a couple I've just been living with, so the plumber needs to come back Friday to fix those (the hot water handle that leaks when water is used, the overflow drain leak, etc.).

Ugh! So we cleaned the house then found the drip, re-cleaned my bathroom after the plumber (so much bleach I felt like I couldn't breathe and then thought I had the virus), and now we'll have to clean again on Friday. Fun times. Lots of bleach and Clorox wipes.

SP had to get the car inspected today. He went armed with Clorox wipes and rubber gloves to disinfect the car, just in case. We also tried to stay 6' away from the plumbers.

Meanwhile, I feel crappy today. Tired, a little achy, congested, just not great. I've been feeling not great/like I have a cold or bad allergies for 3 weeks. Of course my mind is going horrible places every time I sneeze.

What we're Eating:

  • Coq au Vin
  • Italian Flatbread (Piadine) with prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula)
  • Lunch: Polenta with Roasted Tomatoes & Mozzarella
  • Dessert: Pizzelles
  • Snacks: Veggie Straws

What we're Watching:

  • We watched I Am Not OK With This on Netflix. It was really good! Only 7 episodes, about a half hour each.
  • Spring Baking Championship. Some of the sunrise/sunset doughnuts were so pretty as were some of the Celestial Event theme desserts (shooting stars, northern lights, etc.).
  • Our usual shows.

What I'm Reading:
The Body Outside the Kremlin by James L. May. Really good, just taking me longer to get through than most books.

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