Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Prosciutto Bread with Provolone

Before we subscribed to Cook's Country a bit over a year ago, SP's mom would sometimes give us an issue she had finished reading. That's how we first saw this Prosciutto Bread with Provolone recipe. Of course we never found the time to make it until recently. We may have lost our Saturday Date Nights to coronavirus, but now we sometimes have Saturday Bread Baking.
We had to make a few adjustments. Our Giant Eagle curb-side shopper had some trouble with some ingredients. Apparently everyone is now baking, so instead of instant or rapid-rise yeast we got fresh yeast. There was no capicola, so we just used more prosciutto and pepperoni. We did use thin prosciutto, and it was swallowed up by the bread, but, oh well. It didn't seem to affect the bread's texture.
Sitting on the living room table for rise #1.
Shaping the loaves.
After rise #2, about to go in the oven.
Cooling on the kitchen table.
Look at the browned provolone that melted down the side of the bread. Yum!
This bread is really good. We ate it for lunch with arugula salad. We froze one loaf until we finished the first loaf. Yes, we ate both loaves in seven days. It's that yummy. I saw a note that you could also substitute rosemary (or regular) ham for one of the meats. Basically any 9 oz of meats.

Definitely a Make Again bread.

Recipe: Prosciutto Bread with Provolone
From Cook’s Country February / March 2018 issue. Also recently featured on Cook's Country Instagram.

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