Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

Another week of Stay Home has gone by. I'm not too stir crazy yet, mostly because the weather has been kind of crappy. Not very spring-like. Way too windy. And rainy. But I do miss Saturday dinner dates with SP.

My allergies seem especially bad this year. Since I haven't gone anywhere since March 7, and neither has SP (he does curbside pick ups, so he doesn't go in the stores), the logical part of my brain is 99% sure I do not have coronavirus. The illogical, scared-to-death because of the news part is convinced that somehow the virus invaded the house and infected me and now I'm going to die a miserable, lonely death. I've been sneezing a lot, sometimes I have coughing fits, and my eyes are often watery. Ugh!

What is with banana bread? Growing up, my mom didn't bake and once I started baking, it definitely wasn't banana bread since I loathed bananas. In our house, bananas never lasted long enough to turn mushy because my dad and brother loved peanut butter and banana toast sandwiches. Ugh - two of the most disgusting foods ever. My grandma didn't bake banana bread. It's not a comforting baked good for my family. So seeing so much banana bread on social media confuses me. I can think of so many yummier things to bake while stuck inside than banana bread. So many more comforting baked goods.

We managed to find & buy yeast - a 2 lb bag, so I guess we're set with yeast for quite some time! The next hunt will be for more flour. Last week SP used some newly acquired yeast to make soft pretzels one night. This past weekend we made English Muffin Bread for lunch sandwiches this week. I really like it, not just with turkey & cheese but also toasted and slathered with butter.

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We zipped through Season 6 of Bosch, enjoying it as much as we always do.
  • The final episode of The Plot Against America. It was a good show, but not great.
  • The second episode of Killing Eve Season 3 seemed a bit slow after the first episode, but I can sense pieces being moved into place for more exciting episodes.
  • Code 8 (Netflix). It was pretty good, much to my surprise. It is science fiction, about people with super powers, and stars the guy from Arrow. 
  • We watched the first of three episodes of The ABC Murders on Amazon. It's based on Agatha Christie's Poirot novel and starts John Malkovich as Poirot and Rupert Grint as an inspector who does not much like Poirot.

What I'm Reading:

  • Anatomy of Evil (Barker & Llewelyn Series #7) from Will Thomas. I think I have only 2 more and then I have to wait until the library re-opens to get the two not in eBook format.
  • I started #8, Hell Bay, and according to my tablet I'm 33% through - I kind of like that feature!
  • My magazine pile is at zero! Unless you count the Smithsonian issues I have not yet gotten around to reading. They have such small print, even with my glasses I find it tiny, so I never feel like reading them.

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