Tuesday, May 19, 2020

American Sandwich Bread

This is the lunch sandwich bread from a couple weeks ago, the same week we baked a loaf of sourdough. It's American Sandwich Bread from Bread Illustrated.
Our dough hook is finally seeing a lot of action!
We really like our old linen kitchen wall calendars for covering the dough. They don't stick to the bread and there's no struggle with plastic wrap.
Time to shape and place in the loaf pan:
Let it rise again and then bake:
It came out golden and baked through, but the top middle didn't rise to a nice dome shape, it sort of sank. I guess we didn't shape it properly?
It was still tasty. Basic white sandwich bread. It's excellent toasted or grilled, slathered in butter or filled with lunch meat/cheese. I didn't eat any as just a slice of bread. I don't really like plain, white, fluffy sandwich bread. If it's toasted or grilled, it's fine. But plain? Eehh.
Recipe: American Sandwich Bread

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