Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Bagel Bread

This week's lunch bread is Bagel Bread from Cook's Country October/November 2018. Yes, we've had this on our "Make" list for a year and a half. Thanks to the virus we finally had time, we just had to buy some ingredients.
Specifically, we needed Everything Bagel seasoning. We decided to make our own, so we needed more poppy seed plus onion flakes and sesame seeds. We decided to omit the dried garlic. 
The stand mixer makes kneading the bread super easy!
Then it gets to sit in a warm place until the dough rises to the lip of pan, about 1 hour. We didn't take any photos of the next step: boiling the bread. According to Cook's Country,"Boiling the risen, not-yet-baked loaf in a solution of water, baking soda, and corn syrup helped the bread achieve a lovely brown crust and gently set its exterior so that when the dough continued to rise in the oven, it had a tight, chewy crumb. Making slashes across the top of the dough allowed steam to escape as it baked and expanded, and coating the dough with a homemade “everything” topping brought it to a place of bagel-like bliss." It was a little stressful handling the dough, lowering and then raising it from boiling water.
It definitely has lots of everything seasoning. I keep finding seeds and flakes all over the house! They coat all sides of the bread.
It's a beautiful golden color. And, it tastes like a bagel. It has the chewiness of a bagel.
The pretty, bagel-like interior. Dense & soft, just as promised.
Worth the extra effort of boiling it and struggling to carefully remove it from the boiling water without dropping it and/or mangling it on edge of the pot or on the grates. I've been toasting two slices for lunch, spreading on a bit of cream cheese plus my turkey and cheddar for a delicious sandwich. Really tasty.

Recipe: Bagel Bread from Cook's Country October/November 2018

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